The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

3 06 2012



  • Jubilee:
    a. A specially celebrated anniversary, especially a 50th anniversary.
    b. The celebration of such an anniversary.



Diamond Jubilee: Sixty years of memories (BBC)

Elizabeth II became Queen at the age of 25, and during her 60 years on the throne she has witnessed a period in modern history which has seen enormous social, political and technological change.

As part of the celebrations to mark her Diamond Jubilee – with the help of BBC audio archives – take a trip back in time to see how Her Majesty’s life, from sovereign duty to family moments, has been recorded in photographs.



  • Watch a short video (CBS news) about her life




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Une réponse à “The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee”

6 06 2012
Anelyse (08:39:39) :

Ouahh it is amazing to reign for 60 years and thank you for the explanations of the years of regne.

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