Writing a biography (5F)

29 03 2018

Jazib, 5F:

Jack was born on the 1st December 1996.He had 2 sisters and 1 brother and he had 2 cats and 1 dog.He was a singer and he lived in Paris but he was born in London. He had black hair, green eyes, a round face, not much hair and a big nose. He died on the 4th March 2008.He died in a car accident.

Héléna, 5F:

Her name was Jane and she was born in 1918 but she died in 2015. She was Canadian. She lived in Lyon and she had a rabbit, 2 dogs and 1 cat. She had 1 brother and 1 sister. She had purple hair and blue eyes. She was beautiful. Her castle was grey and she loved chocolate cakes.


Marine M, 5F:

Her name was Jynn and she was born on 4th September 1705 in Cardiff but she lived in Los Angeles.

She had two brothers, one daughter and three sons but she didn’t have any pets.

She was an American writer and a poet and she liked swimming, dancing and drawing.

She had blond hair, blue eyes and a little nose.

Jynn died in New York on 18th January 1779.

Josephine, 5F:

Holly  was  born  on  13th  July  in  1941, she  was American. She  had  long  blond  hair, blue  eyes, a big  mouth and  she had  a  scar  on  her  ear. Holly  liked  chocolate  and  bananas.

She  had  one  black  dog. Holly  had  two  twin daughters. They  had  blond  and  brown  hair. She  was  an  actress  and a   singer. Holly  knew  Marilyn  Monroe.  They  met on  25th  of  March, 1960. She  lived  in  Beverly  Hills. Holly died  in London, on  14th  of  July  in  2005.

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