1°B1B2 – Mission #1

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Tourism and the Myth of Paradise


My Traveling Personality – Activités de Compréhension CO+CE


We are planning a family holiday but we can’t agree on it ! Some of us want to have a rest, others want to take an active part in the cleaning of the environment, others want to participate in holiday camps for poor kids… Tonight’s discussion is going to be animated !


Listening: Methodology

  • I will learn how to understand people talking about their holiday experience.
  • I will learn how to understand a conversation at a tourist information centre.
  • I will learn how to find strategies to understand a video without subtitles.

Reading:  Methodology

  • I will learn how to read webpages about my traveling personality.
  • I will learn how to make the difference between webpages, press short cuts, excerpts from novels and adverts.
  • I will find strategies to understand any written document.

Speaking TO and WITH the group:

  • I will learn how to talk about myself and my personality.
  • I will learn how to describe and discuss about a shocking photo.
  • I will learn how to participate in a family discussion to express my views backing them up with explanations and arguments.


I will need the following tools:


  • Location and Geography
  • Adjectives for moral portraits
  • Social and family relationships
  • feelings : shock, surprise, fear, determination
  • verbs of opinion, approval and disapproval
  • verbs of actions


  • who/which/that/Ø
  • infinitive and causative structures
  • word formation
  • logical and chronological linkwords
  • revision of tenses and modals


  • getting acquainted with the different English sounds and their transcription
  • discovering accents
  • word stress and sentence stress
  • sentence intonation to express incredulity, shock and disapproval / to convince someone
  • gapfillers

Couchsurfing : a new way to travel

Wwoofing : focusing on organic-farming

Volunteering and Voluntourism

Eco-tourism and Voluntourism