1°B1B2 – Mission #2

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Applying for jobs : from Dream to Reality

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My parents and I never agree on anything : my friends , my clothes, the music I listen to or the films I watch… They even want to decide on my future job and life !

My future is for me to choose ! I have to convince them that I can find my own way.


Listening: Methodology

  • I will learn how to understand a short video excerpt from a film with and without subtitles.
  • I will learn how to understand a report for an incredible job opportunity with and without subtitles.

Reading: Methodology

  • I will learn how to read literary texts on a topic I know and compare the different viewpoints.
  • I will learn how to understand a long press article to spot the main information.
  • I will find strategies to understand any written document.

Speaking TO and WITH the group:

  • I will learn how to underline what is important to me and put over different degrees of emotions.
  • I will learn how to express my opinions and ideas with precision and back them up by giving explanations and arguments.

Writing: Methodology

  • I will learn how to write a short essay on the role of parents.


I will need the following tools:


  • job ads and applications
  • gender discrimination and stereotypes
  • social and family relationships
  • feelings : shock, surprise, fear, determination
  • verbs of opinion, approval and disapproval
  • verbs of actions


  • preterit & present perfect
  • modals
  • word formation
  • logical and chronological linkwords


  • word stress and sentence stress
  • sentence intonation to express incredulity, shock and disapproval / to convince someone
  • gapfillers

Dream Jobs : from Myth to Reality