1°B1B2 – Mission #3

Myths & Heroes // Power : where & how // Space & Exchange // The Idea of Progress

Australia : one land, two peoples

1eresB1B2_mission #3_2017


I am a journalist with both Aboriginal and White roots. After Kevin Rudd’s official apology for the Stolen Generation, I have decided to write an article telling the difficulty and pride of being an Aborigine in modern Australia.



  • I will learn how to understand trailers and excerpts from films or reports, in English with and without subtitles.
  • I will learn how to understand speeches by politicians


  • I will learn how to understand a mythological story.
  • I will learn how to understand short literary excerpts from a story.


  • I will learn how to write a chronological narrative of a country’s history thanks to different documents and data.
  • I will learn how to write a short article expressing both factual data and personal viewpoint.


I will need the following tools:


  • social relationships / social and human rights
  • history and geography of Australia
  • verbs of actions / opinion / feelings


  • determination
  • infinitive and causative structures
  • passive form
  • modals
  • word formation
  • logical and chronological linkwords


  • getting acquainted with different accents
  • sentence intonation / sentence stress
  • gapfillers
  • mute letters