1°L LVA – Mission #5

Myths & Heroes // Space & Exchange // Idea of Progress

NARRATIVE STRATEGIES : plot, viewpoint, suspense, emotion


1°LLVA – Mission #5 – Creative writing – art, imagination and more


We are to participate in a story telling contest. The best stories will be posted on the school blog for everybody to read !



  • I will learn how to understand interviews on what makes a good story, with the script if I need it.


  • I will read two contemporary short stories, one plotless and one plotted, and I will learn how to identify:
    • the narrator and the point of view adopted
    • the elements creating suspense and emotions
    • chronological order

Speaking WITH the group:

  • After reading my friends’ stories, I will learn how to give my opinion and argue with the others to decide on the best ones to post on the school blog.


  • As a member of a team, I will learn how to write my own short story:
    • choosing the narrator and the point of view adopted
    • creating suspense and emotion
    • using rich vocabulary, logical and chronological linkwords


I will need the following tools


  • physical and moral portraits / relationships
  • adjectives to describe personalities / feelings
  • verbs of actions / opinion


  • pronouns
  • past tenses
  • chronological and logical linkwords
  • direct and indirect speeches
  • WH- structures


  • vowels and consonants pronunciation
  • sentence intonation
  • gapfillers