1°LLCE – Mission #2

Myths & Heroes // Power : where & how // Space & Exchange

DRAMA STRATEGIES: creating on-stage reality, building up emotion

1L_LVA_mission #2_2017

1°LLVA – Mission #2 – Actors on scene

Theatre and Plays


We are to participate in an outing to the theatre. We will write a review of the play after the performance and also play a scene from the play ourselves, thus becoming actors for one day !



  • I will learn how to understand reports and interviews on the topic studied.


  • I will read a scene from a play, and I will learn how to identify:
    • the narrator and the point of view adopted
    • the elements aimed at the actors and those targeting the audience

Speaking TO & WITH the group:

  • I will learn how to build up emotion in the audience while acting a scene from a play.


  • I will learn how to write a short review of the play after the performance.


I will need the following tools


  • History of Nelson Mandela and South Africa Timeline
  • physical and moral portraits
  • family, social and political relationships
  • adjectives to describe personalities / feelings
  • verbs of actions / opinion


  • pronouns
  • sentence structures
  • direct and indirect speeches
  • active and passive forms
  • how to use the different tenses
  • modals
  • punctuation


  • basic phonetic rules to be applied when acting