1°LLCE – Mission #3

Myths & Heroes // Power : where & how // Space & Exchange

MOVIE TECHNIQUES & STRATEGIES : creating suspense, embodying a hero

1L_LVA_mission #3_2017

1°LLVA – Mission #3 – SPOOKY STORIES – entrainement CO/PO



As an award winning actor I am going to participate in an interview on my work and feelings.



  • I will learn how to understand a whole film with English subtitles on a crime story with a specific historical background : IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT

Speaking TO and WITH the group:

  • I will learn how to participate in a TV talk show to give my views on my work as an actor in general and in that film in particular, how I prepared it and my feelings now I have won the best actor’s award.


  • I will learn how to write a film synopsis and review on the film studied in class.
  • I will learn how to create a poster to attract a large audience.


I will need the following tools


  • African Americans’ fight for equality / racial discrimination
  • detective and murder stories
  • adjectives to describe personalities, emotions and feelings
  • verbs of action & opinion


  • revision of how to use the different tenses and modals
  • infinitive and causative structures
  • passive vs active forms
  • hypotheses and “if…” structures
  • “I wish…” structures
  • logical and chronological linkwords


  • sentence stress
  • using intonation to express feelings and opinions
  • American accents