1°LLCE – Mission #4

Myths & Heroes // Space & Exchange // Idea of Progress

MEDIA STRATEGIES: the art of make-believe





We have witnessed strange phenomena or paranormal activity in our neighbourhood. News reporters from the BBC come to our house to interview us.



  • I will learn how to listen to and understand
    • a TV report on strange phenomena.
    • people’s testimonies on their experience and opinion on strange phenomena.


  • I will learn how to read a rather complex article.


  • I will learn how to take notes in a grid to prepare for an oral intervention.

Speaking TO & WITH the group:

  • I will learn how to
    • exchange information with friends for me to take notes.
    • tell in detail what I have experienced and how I feel about it.


I will need the following tools


  • the supernatural and irrational / the unexplained & paranormal / mystery / fear
  • adjectives to describe feelings
  • verbs of actions


  • pronouns / past tenses / adjectives and adverbs / modals
  • direct and indirect speeches
  • making hypotheses
    • chronological and logical linkwords
    • WH- structures


  • getting acquainted with different accents
  • sentence intonation and stress
  • gap-fillers
  • pronouncing –s and –ed at the end of words + words with mute letters