Sports can Unite a Nation

Posted by on 11 juillet 2017

Nelson Mandela’s speech (Listen)

& Olympic Games values


As we can read in the speech of Nelson Mandela, sport can be an exchange between countries and people. Like during the Olympic Games, peoples are united together in the same place to play or watch a game. They can talk together and create links whatever their origins or skills or disabilities. For example during the Paralympics Games, we don’t care about difference or disability. During the games, the countries are proud to show the best of themselves, but the results are not the most important. The most important it’s to be together, like a big family.

Louis, Ugo and Yoan (my pupils)



Here is an advertising campaign by Nike on Black History Month 2017 in the US, promoting EQUALITY

It sounds as altruist as could be, all the more so as the company announced that it was partnering with MENTOR and PeacePlayers International and that it will donate $5 million this year to those organizations and others “that advance equality in communities across the U.S.”

However, you should be aware that the company will also benefit from the campaign. You cannot escape the « shop now » button on their site, can you ?

Always keep your critical mind when watching or reading anything, especially on the Web !

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