From Real Life to Fiction : the example of GoT

Posted by on 31 octobre 2017

Game of Thrones did not only came out of a writer’s imagination.

It is also rooted in Real History.

The CHARACTERS and EVENTS that were inspired by real historical figures and events.

Here is a focus on THE WAR OF THE ROSES episode


GoT has also had an impact on the Real World

The following article shows us the positive impact it has had on Irish economy

August 26, 2015

‘Game of Thrones’ might be fantasy, but its economic impact on Northern Ireland is very, very real.

But today’s standards and laws on sex and violence have imposed a series of changes in the original narrative choices:





How do you react to the series ? Do you find it too violent or just perfect ?

Here are some elders’ viewpoints that you may use to prepare your own answer.

You can focus on the first 7 minutes.

Who do you stand for ?  The King or The Queen ?

You need to back up your viewpoint before entering the debate !

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