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Supreme Court will decide on the future of US Democracy.

Posted by on 16 novembre 2021

America is at a crossroads. The Supreme Court may decide which way it goes

The sitting justices face a once-in-a-lifetime crisis of legitimacy that could determine the future of the US

FILES-US-ISLAM-JUSTINCE-RELIGION<br>(FILES) In this file photo taken on November 05, 2021 The US Supreme Court is seen in Washington, DC on November 5, 2021. - The US Supreme Court heard arguments on on November 8, 2021 in a case involving national security and the claims of three Muslim men in California who say they were illegally surveilled at their mosque by the FBI. (Photo by Daniel SLIM / AFP) (Photo by DANIEL SLIM/AFP via Getty Images)
‘The supreme court today faces another critical test of its legitimacy as it prepares to deliver major rulings on abortion, gun rights, and government funding for religious schools.’ Photograph: Daniel Slim/AFP/Getty Images


Common sense suggests that America ought to reform its ancient constitution. The country, after all, is vastly different from what it was when founded in the 1780s and 1790s. The electoral college may have made sense at the dawn of the democratic age, but now it is an embarrassment, violating the core principle that every vote in presidential contests ought to count the same as any other.

David Hogg, a survivor of the Parkland shooting, outside the supreme court on Wednesday.
Pointed questions suggest US supreme court ready to ease restrictions on guns

Having had no experience with the mass democracy they called into being, the framers of the constitution gave little thought as to how best to keep monied interests from corrupting electoral outcomes. And they had no clue about how questions of sex and sexuality would one day convulse their republic. Constitutional amendments passed today could abolish the electoral college, curtail the influence of private (and especially dark) money on politics, and establish a right to an abortion or a broader right to privacy in matters sexual and otherwise.

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