T°B1B2 – Mission #1

INTRODUCTION to the  4 Notions



 A TIME LINE from 1492 to 2016                    immigration


You are an immigrant or the child of an immigrant in the US. You are invited to a radio programme to tell about your personal and family story, what you had to go through to integrate American society and why, your failures and success, your advice to newcomers.


Listening: Methodology

  • I will learn how to watch and listen to contemporary interviews on immigration and discrimination.


  • I will learn how to read excerpts from the press or novels.

Speaking TO the group:

  • I will learn how to tell my personal story and explain my views on immigration.

Writing: Methodology

  • I will learn how to write a letter.
  • I will learn how to write an essay on the issue of immigration.


I will need the following tools:

thematic vocabulary

  • Immigration then and now : causes, consequences, purposes
  • Verbs & phrases to express feelings, opinions and the notions of hope and fear
  • agreeing and disagreeing


  • linkwords
  • passive form
  • modals
  • “I wish …” structures to express wishes and regrets
  • the expression of the past : present perfect vs preterit ( + irregular verbs revision)
  • the expression of duration (for/since/ago/during)


  • getting acquainted with the different English sounds and their transcription
  • discovering accents
  • word stress and sentence stress
  • sentence intonation to express incredulity, shock and disapproval / to convince someone

The American Dream

The symbols of America