T°B1B2 – Mission #3

Power : where & how // Space & Exchange

The Fourth Power or the role of Journalists & the Media

T°L_ES_S_B1B2_mission #3_2017


Final Task

You are to take part in a TV talk show which will oppose different viewpoints on the roles of journalists and the media in nowadays society. You will be, either the host, or, a politician, a war reporter, a paparazzi, a cartoonist, a show business star, a sports champion, a Youtuber, a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, a teenager, an elder. Each of you will share his/her personal view backing it up with his/her positive or negative experience.



  • I will learn how to understand trailers, speeches and interviews on the roles of journalists and the media.


  • I will learn how to read press cuts and reviews in order to make the difference between the narration or exposition of events or facts and the journalists’ feelings or opinions.

Speaking TO and WITH the group: Methodology

  • I will learn how to present and comment on a document I have read to link it to the notions studied.
  • I will learn how to use both words and body language to express personal feelings and opinion.


  • I will learn how to prepare questions for a talk show.
  • I will learn how to write a detailed plan for an essay on a paradoxical issue.


I will need the following tools


    • the 4th Power and heroes in the making
    • privacy vs fame
    • privacy vs safety
    • education vs violence
    • teaching vs experiencing
    • spheres and rules
    • private vs public
    • school vs family
    • real vs virtual
  • the positive and negative roles of the media in times of peace and war
  • information vs manipulation
  • education vs firearms
  • verbs & phrases to express feelings and opinions (rights, duties, hope and fear)
  • debating
    • analysing & comparing
    • agreeing & disagreeing
    • suggesting
    • proposing solutions


  • word formation : verbs/adjectives/adverbs
  • linkwords (cause / consequence / concession / opposition)
  • modals
  • passive form
  • sentence structure


  • sentence intonation to express determination, incredulity, shock and disapproval
  • gapfillers