T°B1B2 – Mission #4

Space & Exchange //  The Idea of Progress

Man vs Machine : Interactions and Limits

T°L_ES_S_B1B2_mission #4_2017




Final Task

I am going to participate in a family discussion on the pros and cons of new technologies and of having a humanoid robot at home !



  • I will learn how to understand contemporary interviews on the evolution of technologies.
  • I will learn how to understand trailers.


  • I will learn how to read a short story and short cuts – I will be able to identify:
    • the setting/the characters, their relationships and feelings
    • the chronology of events
    • the main theme(s) / message(s)
    • the point of view adopted by the characters / narrator / journalist

Speaking WITH the group:

  • I will learn how to present and comment on a document I have read linking it to the notions studied.
  • I will learn how to balance the pros and cons of an issue to convince people who don’t agree with me.

Writing: Methodology

  • I will learn how to organise notes for an oral presentation.
  • I will learn how to organise my ideas to build up a coherent plan for a written argumentation.



I will need the following tools


    • spheres and rules > private vs public
    • school vs family,
    • real vs virtual
    • evolution of technologies,
    • science and mentalities
  • the positive and negative impact of the Internet and New Technologies on people
  • hope of a better future > the dangers & limits of the man-machine relationship
  • ethical and religious issues raised by the topic :
    • discrimination and oppression
    • fear of the unknown
    • values, rights and duties
    • human and non-human
  • verbs & phrases to express feelings and opinions
  • debating >
    • analysing & comparing
    • agreeing & disagreeing
    • suggesting
    • proposing solutions


  • tenses : past/present
  • expressing the future
  • making hypotheses / “if…” structures / wishes and regrets
  • chronological and logical linkwords


  • sentence intonation to express incredulity, shock, disapproval and determination
  • gapfillers

Education : from past to future ?