T°L LVA – Mission #1

Myths & Heroes // Power : where & how // The Idea of Progress

Giving Life: from Myth to Reality


T°LLVA – Mission #1 – Giving Life : from Myth to Reality

Feelings and Behaviour


We are a couple who cannot give birth to their own child. We are discussing the different options we have to build up our family, but our friends and family do not always agree or understand…



  • I will learn how to understand film extracts and trailers without subtitles and how to decipher the meaning of some significant passages.
  • I will learn how to understand interviews and how to make the difference between facts and feelings or personal opinion.



  • I will learn how to read short cuts & press articles.
  • I will learn how to read and analyse literary excerpts.


Speaking WITH the group:

  • I will learn how to comment on short cuts.
  • I will learn how to participate in a debate to weigh the pros and cons of using modern science and technologies in the fields of procreation and adoption.


I will need the following tools:


  • Myths of Creation & works of Art
  • scientific progress in medicine
  • social and family relationships
  • ethical issues raised by genetic engineering and adoption
  • verbs of actions / opinion


  • “if…” structures
  • “I wish …” structures
  • infinitive and causative structures
  • passive form
  • modals
  • reflexive pronouns
  • word formation
  • linkwords


  • sentence intonation to express incredulity, shock and disapproval
  • gapfillers


Giving Life : from Myth to Reality

Becoming Parents : a very unusual family story