T°L LVA – Mission #2

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The Image in the Mirror and the Myth of Beauty

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T°LLVA – Mission #2 – The image in the mirror and the myth of beauty

Feelings & Behaviour


Our teenage child wants to undergo plastic surgery in a clinic because she/he does not feel good with her/his own image. The family participates in a TV show to weigh the pros and cons of such an operation before she/he finally decides to go.



  • I will learn how to understand stars speaking about the secret of happiness and the role played by fame and social networks.
  • I will learn how to understand scholars speaking about the role Victorian writers played in the evolution of mentalities.
  • I will learn how to understand TV reports and interviews on plastic surgery.
  • I will learn how to understand the strategies of advertising campaigns.


  • I will learn how to read and analyse different types of writing such as
    • literary excerpts
    • poems
    • web and press articles

Speaking WITH the group:

  • I will learn how to comment on documents linking them to the notions studied.
  • I will learn how to participate in a debate to weigh the pros and cons of undergoing plastic surgery.


I will need the following tools:


  • an insight into Victorian values on women and children / evolution of mentalities
  • social relationships / discrimination / punishment / teenage issues
  • physical appearance and the cult of beauty


  • pronouns / present tenses / adjectives and adverbs / modals
  • WH- sentence structure
  • expressing the future
  • expressing wishes and regrets
  • making hypotheses / “if” structures
    • chronological and logical linkwords
    • word formation


  • main rules
  • pronouncing –s and –ed at the end of words + words with mute letters
  • sentence intonation and stress to express one’s views and feelings
  • gap-fillers

The Myth of Beauty

The Secret of Happiness

Advertising : Fighting stereotypes or using them to sell?

Women : their roles and their fights

When Women have the Power