T°L LVA – Mission #4

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Peace, Equality, Freedom :  from Words to Deeds

TL_LVA_mission #4_2017

T°LLVA – Mission #4 – Peace, Equality, Freedom : from Words to Deeds


Everyday we are witnessing scenes or hearing about stories, here and there, showing us how unfair life can be. We have decided to launch an awareness campaign for our school mates, on our school blog, which will include poems, articles, photos, drawings, videos or podcasts of our own. As an editorial team, we will focus on a specific issue that we want to explore and we will propose solutions to take action.



  • I will learn how to understand and analyse reports, interviews and speeches.


  • I will learn how to read and analyse web articles on topical issues.


  • I will learn how to write a moving poem or create an effective advert.
  • I will learn how to write a coherent article on a topic I have chosen or write the editorial of a web-magazine.
  • I will learn how to argue and propose solutions.

Speaking WITH and TO the group:

  • I will learn how to explain my choices and answer questions.


I will need the following tools:


  • scientific and technical progress as regards environmental issues /à impact on man’s life and future
  • international, social and family relationships
  • women and children’s rights and education
  • media freedom
  • consumer society and abuse
  • verbs of actions / opinion
  • expression of feelings


  • “if…” + “when …” structures
  • “I wish …” structures
  • choosing between active and passive forms
  • using proper tenses and modals / choosing the right adverbs
  • linkwords and strategies to argue and convince
  • word formation


  • sentence intonation and stress to express determination, incredulity, shock and disapproval
  • gapfillers
  • pronouncing phonems
  • mute letters