Diwali: an Indian celebration

Diwali – Festival of Lights

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How to fight against cyberbullying

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I was cyberbullied

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I was cyberbullied

Fait avec Padlet
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New technologies: vocabulary game!

Use a slash: / when there are many possibilities



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New technologies: vocabulary







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The IT crowd

Listen to the document again. Underline the stressed words and write this symbol:    |     during a pause.

Hope this doesn’t embarass you | Jen,
but I find the best thing to do | with a new
employee | is to size them up with a long || hard || stare.

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Dragons: How to train your English speaking skills!

Learn your lesson!

1- Vocabulary: listen and repeat again and again!




Dragon parts:

horn, tooth /teeth, wing, scales, tail, claws, snout, nostrils.



sharp, spiky, cute ? ugly, scary
big = colossal, enormous, gigantic, huge, massive
scary = terrifying, frightening



2- Describe the dragon: make sentences!

Smaug is a huge, terrifying dragon.
He has got menacing eyes and long spiky horns.
He has got a massive snout with enormous nostrils and very sharp teeth
He has got lots of golden scales.


Good luck!

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Listen and sing along!

Play a GAME!

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Prepare your final task: YOUR LIFE AT SCHOOL

1- Introduce yourself! This is an example, listen and repeat:

Now adapt to your personal information.


2- Present your school: listen and repeat.


3- Talk about your routine and timetable.

a) Review:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday!


b) This is an example for your final task: Listen, repeat and adapt:


4- Talk about the rules: Listen, repeat and choose 5 rules for your final task.

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