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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Woodbury Middle School’s student council.

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Student Council Elections

Listen to the document again and complete your worksheet.

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The “BE” song!

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An American middle school

Watch and complete your exercice.

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Classroom English

Listen, repeat and learn

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School supplies: learn your vocab!

Learn your vocabulary: 1- Listen and repeat, many times if necessary! 2- Finished? Hide the answers and recite your lesson. 3- Can you spell the words? Take a blank paper and write the words. Compare with the model. 4- Come back tomorrow! Say the word – listen – pause – repeat – say the … Continue reading »

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Rap the colours!

???? I like to ride around on my trike, A trike’s like a bike with an extra wheel. ???? ???? ???? Say What? ???? ???? ???? It’s the real deal! My tricycle is … ???? ????

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School supplies: review!

???? Listen, repeat and learn. Now, cut the sound ???? Can you name the objects before the answers?

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The English Alphabet!

????   ???   Oh boy! We’re singing our alphabet!   ??? ???  I said: oh boy!   ???       ???? Now, watch this English comedy sketch: enjoy!

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