This is the interview of Mr fruet by Tissa. Mr Fruet is a teacher of physics and chimistry in the Portail Rouge. We interviewed him about what he knows about global warming and what he does to save the planet. He also showed us how he works with his pupils and with the chimical products. He explained us his opinion about the nuclear and the global warming. He told us his way of his life and what we should do to improve it. For example, he walks to school every day not to product polution.

Enjoy !!!! X)


by :Tissa, Emma, Hasna and Hassania.


[youtube][/youtube]This is an interview of Mr. Garcia en English teacher and an environmentalist by Laure.

He cycles to school. He gives his old clothes to Le Secours Populaire. He takes short showers everydays.He takes his car as rarelly as possible and he would like to create an ecology club at school.

It was written by Leylou, Laure and Lily. Filmed by Aurelien and Guillaume.


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