Beauty & the Beast

In 2003, the young Catherine and her mother are attacked by a man. If Catherine manages to stay alive with the help of a strange creature, his mother died that night. Nine years later, she became a detective and is still determined to find the person responsible of her mother's death. During an investigation, she follows the trail of a Vincent Keller, who died in Afghanistan in 2002. She discovers that he's not dead, he lives since 10 years hiding to others. We learned that, under the influence of anger, Vincent turns into a raging, uncontrollable beast. Catherine agrees to protect his identity and secret if he helps to identify the murderer of his mother.

Although I hated the role of Kristin Kruk in the TV show Smallville, where I thought her character was too naive and irritating, I find that in this series, she plays a lot better the role of an "scornfull"  officer.

Then, the role of Vincent Keller is played by the actor Jay Ryan, I didn't know before.
This film not only talks about the cutesy love story between the two main characters, but the leak of a man, whose experiences he suffered skidded.

It's true that this is not the series of the century and many don't like, but it's a good occupation when you don't know what to do in your evenings.

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  1. I noticed that currently they adapt the most famous tale in different way. For example, as you said for Beauty and the Beast, they made a new series and a new film released in cinema. Tales become fashionable.

  2. Yes, a lots of tail are adapted on screen nowaday and I find this incredible. For exemple Snow White had have two adaptations last year. And I heard about a show TV called Grimm on a channel that I forget which, related tails but in the form of an investigation of a murder.

  3. Well the plot seemed great but I’m quite disappointed by the trailer ; maybe i’ll watch it if I get bored. By the way thanks for sharing.

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