Frankestein film vs. Frankestein Drama

I would like talk about this two adaptations of the Mary Shelley’s novel!

I saw, in literature in English class, the film Frankestein directed by Kenneth Branagh who plays also the main character Victor Frankestein. Before seeing the film, I went to the drama adaptation of this story. The troup who performs this calls Theatre en Anglais

Personally, I prefered the actor’s acting in the drama rather than the movie. In the film, the actors tend to exaggerate the feelings, the emotions, it’s almost « too much ». Although, during the drama, in spite of the wrong lights, the actors are very exceptionnal, I was impressed. In my opinion, the single thing which are very great in the film is the make-up, and perharps the special effects. I was very very suprised when I knew that the creature were interprated by Robert de Niro. 

Finally, I can say that I prefer the drama, even if I don’t like the some change of the original story. I find their perform breathtaking, because they manage to play in spite of the lack of space, and the fact they are only four actors, for many more characters.

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