French Contemporary Literature

This article isn’t about fantastic or gothic theme, as many written in this blog, but rather about french contemporary literature. I just finished the book Les Choses by Georges Perec. This author studied letter and psychology before becoming writer in 1954. He wrote many works such as Un homme qui dort or La Vie mode d’emploi.

In Les Choses (1964) Georges Perec tells the life of a young couple, Jérôme and Sylvie. They live in Paris and they are psychologist. They always dream to have more things and to be rich. One day, they go to Sfax in Tunisia because they want to leave their monotonous life. But this departure is a failure. So they decide to return in France. Nothing suits their, they are indecisive. At the end, they are in a luxurious train for a new destination…

During the story, Jérôme and Sylvie try to find a meaning of their life, but they don’t achieve their dream. This short novel is very interesting because it deals with the materialism and the pursuit of happinness. Georges Perec questions a lot of things. Although it was published in the 60’s, Les Choses refers us to our current lifestyle.

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