Eragon : another magic world.

I want to talk about Eragon’s books written by Christopher Paolini, because the film Eragon doesn’t respect the story of the book. Christopher Paolini wrote the first book when he was 16.

The story talks about a poor young man : Eragon; who lives with his uncle and his consin. He doesn’t know who his mother and his father are. The land is called Alagaësia and different kinds of people live inside like humans, elves, dwarves, urgals, ra’zac and before a war many dragons lived there. The Kingdom is ruled by the last man with a dragon : Galbatorix.

One day Eragon goes hunting and when he wants to kill a doe, there is a big flash. When Eragon open his eyes, he sees a blue stone ! It is a dragon’s egg ! But Eragon doesn’t know that so he come back with this blue stone and one day the dragon was born.

After that the story explain adventures of Eragon and his dragon Saphira. Magic is very present and important in Eragon’s world and there are many battles and romances. Like Bilbo in The Hobbit, Eragon evolues during the story. I would like to live in this world because is my favorite book and I adore this kind of story. This is a book to read for people who love fantastic stories.

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  1. I really love this books ! Finally… I admit that I had difficulty with the first book, among which 50 or 100 front pages are…. how to say… annoying.
    But when I saw my sister devouring the other books, I made an effort and ;.. Wow !
    I discovered a fantastic world, which I really adored! The beautiful morality, the language elf and all this magic atmosphere transported me!
    So thank you for having shared this post !

  2. Personally, I read the book before having seen the movie and I find that it is much better realized than the movie! They are more details, and the story is much better told, even if it is not easy to understand at the beginning! The movie is not really terrible, that’s why I shall not recommend it specially! But, the story of Eragon is brilliant, and if you like fantasy novels, you should read it!!

  3. Sorry but I hate this book yet I have read to the second book but I’ really don’t love. I think it’s often boring and many passages from this book is so long…It’s regrettable because the story could be good.
    But it’s jut my opinion.

  4. I saw it for the first time at school in english and i liked it but i don’t think about reading the book because, sometimes i hate books which inspired movies like the lord of the ring for example.

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