God hates me by Hollis Seamon

There are books that one hesitates to open. Because they make a little scared. The subject of this book is too serious. The American Hollis Seamon had to find the right tone : funny, vivid, terribly human.
The book tells the story of a teenager who has 17 years old. He is daredevil. And he lives in a palliative care service. Richard will soon die, it is an incurable disease and it is not a secret. Neither his mother nor his nurse, or especially for himself. That’s why he needs to enjoy life despite the pain. His luck is to be loved by his family. But he also likes his neighbor of room, they will love in spite of the disease, despite the adults who do not understand. Richard will have to fight.
They have a lot of courage, and these characters remind me Romeo and Juliet
This novel offers us a life lesson and a beautiful real lesson in optimism too.

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