V for Vendetta (the film)

V for Vendetta is a political thriller film directed by James McTeigue, and released in 2006. The famous Wachowski brothers made the screenplay, with Hugo Weaving as V, and Natalie Portman as Evey Hammond. The film is based of the Vertigo/DC Comics comics V for Vendetta, written by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd.

We are in 2038, in London. The founder of « The Norsefire » facist party, Adam Suttler control the United Kingdom. The society is heavily oppressed : citizens are muzzled, because they are afraid of the secret police of the party called the « Fingermen » ,medias are censored, , political opponents, immigrants, muslims, homosexuals and other « undesirables » are imprisoned in concentration camps, tortured, and killed. During the night of the fourth of november , Evey Hammond is saved of a rape by a mysterious man wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, and presenting himself as V. He will teach her a life without fear, and will offer her the opportunity to create a new world, whereas he will accomplish is Vendetta, a revenge for everything he has suffered in the past.

You must say "But what is the link with English literature ?". If you have seen the film, you must know why. V is a quite cultivated character, and throughout the film, he speaks using Shakespeare plays quotes (McBeth, Hamlet, Richard III, Twelfth Night). He also has a great cinematographic and musical culture.

I just loved this film, because, first, in my opinion, it conveys a great idea (of liberty, revolution..I can not mention them all!), the screenplay is really good (for a blockbuster), V's home is amazing, and I really loved the actors play ! Even behind a mask, Hugo Weaving gives life to an expressionless face, just with his voice, the way he moves, for me he does a great job ! And Natalie Portman interprets really well Evey's character, with emotions (especially at the end). And as I always say : I love the soundtrack ! Very simple, but very nice ! So I suggest you to watch the movie, and discover the reason of V's Vendetta.

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