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When we read the George Orwell’s extract our teacher said we can add a document about 1984; the Muse’s song, Resistance. As I love this group I think it’s a good idea to say some elements which can remind 1984 🙂

I found an article which explain their choice to sing this song:


“When I read it this time I was much more taken with the love story. I read it once in school about 15 years ago it was all about the politics. But when I read it this time I was much more taken with the love story in the book between Juliette and Winston.”

“In the early years I was confused about what my emotions were trying to express. As I said, being in England or seeing what’s going on in England has defined it as being a lot more direct and a lot more down to earth. I think the first song [Uprising] sums up how a lot of people feel and it’s that we need to change.”

So it sounds as though The Resistance is a mixture of being a rallying cry for us all to resist governmental control with elements of love mixed in. Which is a heady but quite brilliant blend, which is exactly how 1984 can be described.

It seems a tall order to take inspiration from and do justice to one of the most famous, important, and inspirational novels of the 20th Century, but if any band can manage it, it’s Muse »

(Read more: http://www.everyjoe.com/2009/08/05/entertainment/new-muse-album-the-resistance-inspired-by-1984/#ixzz3J46dM3WQ)


an other article says « The song ‘Resistance’ is basically a retelling of the relationship between Winston and Julia, in reference to the two main characters of George Orwell‘s Nineteen Eighty-Four. The eerie keyboard layers in the verse of the track also include an Ondes Martenot, an early synthesizer championed by Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood, as shown in ‘The Making Of The Resistance.’

Matt said, « This song started off as an extension of ‘Map of the Problematique’ with a bit of influence from early ‘The Police’. It is very much based on the book ‘1984’ by George Orwell particularly the romance between Winston and Julia and the description of the act of sex and love as something political, the only place offering freedom from Big Brother. The song is also about any love which crosses boundaries such as religion or strong political beliefs and the subsequent recognition of the unimportance and divisiveness of such beliefs. »  ( http://www.musewiki.org/Resistance_(song))

If you want to read the lyrics, it’s here -> http://www.musewiki.org/Resistance_(song)


And you, do you like this song?

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