Apocalyspe Now- The Heart of Darkness.

Since that i saw the  » Apocalyspe Now » movie i’m interest at this story. And i discovered that it was an « The heart of Darkness » adaptation. This story tells the Charles Marlow’s travel who is a english mariner appointed by a belgian company. In order to find Kurtz director of ivory market in Congo because he disappeared. 

     So Marlow began to navigate in the African continent’s heart for discover this men that everybody says that Kurt is exceptional and visionary but Malow don’t know why. This trip to take her in the wild’s forest and a lot places extraordinary whose the atmosphere is oppressive who exercise the Malow personnage to reflect on himself ,the life’s value, and his existence reason. He had to forget the world of the Occident. Kurtz rest deliberately cup off from the world. The reader discovered this personnage same time that Malow. I will not say more.. The book we talk of the human wild party’s in each of us and which is wake up by the nature. This book is complicated to read but  is possibly.

Now i will like to present you the movie of Francis Ford Coppola ( his daughter is Sofia Coppola the director of Virgin Suicide.) was realised in 1979 which it is a not correct adaptation of the book » The Heart of Darkness » and it was censured by the american army.The realisator after the vietnam’s war replaces the team of Malow for a team of american soldiers on the congo river. They research a kurtz too because he had lost the reason and he execute freely. He will not listen order of his ladder. His malow mission is to kill Kurtz.

But on the river the tension in progress in their shift. The images are sublime in this movie. Coppola criticize american interventionism in Vietnam that we learn in history. It is not a war movie but it is a movie which to talk the war. The director shows us the life conditions of soldiers. He shows us a trip between the madness and the horror incarnate by Kurtz. The Soundtrack is perfect with the sound created by the Doors entitled The end. The movie is spectacular. I can lend you the movie and the book.



Scene of movie.

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  1. An amazing movie! I think it’s my favorite winning movie of the « Palme d’or » at the Canne Film Festival. I don’t remember having already seen an opening scene like that: So majestic!

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