Resistance – Muse

Our teacher told us that the song Resistance by Muse was a reference to the film 1984, and as I love this band I decided to write an article about this song.

I never really paid attention to the lyrics before but indeed we can notice that it seems to be the story of Winston Smith and Julia who have an « illicit romance ». The song shows that they are afraid to be discovered by the Party because their relationship is illegal, they must be in a « hiding place » because they have no privacy, they are always watched by Big Brother which is called the « thought police » because they want to control everything and they want people to stop thinking. That’s why their love must stay secret and it’s their « resistance ».

I hope you will listen this song and enjoy it !

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  1. I love Muse I was very surprise when our teacher said this song was a reference to 1984 ! Moreover a new album is planned for 2015, I look forward !

  2. I’m a biggest fan of the best band in the world ahah !
    I was so surprised when our teacher speak about Resistance of Muse, and I knew the words but I didn’t know it was a reference to 1984 !!
    I’m really in love with their music because it’s good compositions which are really well written and Matt, the singer, is really a non-standard musician, he played crazy and hard pieces of piano, and composes music very cleverly with sometimes an orchestra. And even if you don’t like their style of music, I think everyone are agree about their talents !

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