Woodkid or the music video genius


Nowadays, the music environment evolves quite strangely : we can hear the best and the the worst in the space of few seconds ; thanks to the internet and the sharing system now we can discover music that we never heard before, and discover real artists who perfectly manage to link music and video ; some of them are real master pieces. I’m really touched that in the middle of modern musical environment, made of vulgarity and money, we can see some people who stands still to give us real work, musically and visually speaking. A well made video clip is a real pleasure : it’s another way to interpret the song and it’s another manner for the artist to express his point of view : the beauty of an image can go along with the lyrics on the background.

There’s especially one artist who is really famous for his works on video clips : Woodkid ; who is a french singer ! He is very well known in the music industry because he worked with worldwide famous singers as Katy Perry (Teenage Dream), Taylor Swift, Drake, Rihanna or Lana Del Rey on « Born to Die » video clip that is one of my favourite from Lana.

This picture is an extract from the Video Clip « Born to Die »

But let’s go back to Woodkid who has made beautiful personal works (actually I prefer his own works than the music videos he made for the others)   ; his real name is Yoann Lemoine (not as classy as Woodkid ahah) and he was born in Tassin-La-Demi-Lune in 1983 ; he studied illustration and animation ( he worked on films too : for exemple , he drew some samples for Sofia Coppola for « Marie-Antoinette »). In 2011 he goes back to music and launches his first EP : Iron. I’m sure that everyone know this song that will be used in some video games teasers and for fashion runways ; the music video created a huge admiration and his minimalist style will be copied in numerours video clips.

Here is another extract from « Iron », his first video clip.

In 2012, he won his 1st award as film director thanks to his work with Lana Del Rey. But he goes back to his own musical works and releases his 3 final works ; Run boy run in 2012, I love you in 2013 and the Golden Age in 2014 ; these music videos are linked by the main character. It’s a pure show, the aestheticism is close to perfection, the shots are very well builded, and there’s a real precision’s work.



Sadly, Woodkid told us in July that he will stop his musical carreer to get involved in cinema and video areas. I can't wait to see his new projects because I really love his style visually speaking.

According to you, is a music video important ? Why, or why not ? Let's share your favourite music videos !


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  1. I agree with you, Woodkid is a great artist and all he mades, is for me, a work of art ! It’s really important for a singer to makes a music video, so he can expresses his own point of view from his songs. In fact it permits to fit images with what he sings and what he thinks too. I find that music video is a second mean to understand the song, the music being the first mean to understand a song off cours !

    I adore a lot of music videos, but the first which comes in my mind his « Up in the Air » by Thrity Seconds to Mars.

    But there is also « Feeling Good » by Muse (a bit strange yes !) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmwRQqJsegw

  2. I saw Woodkid at the Montereau Confluences festival this year and I loved his concert ! He was with a symphony orchestra, he’s very friendly and I was surprising by the difference between his voice and his shoulders !

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