Alice in Wonderland


I know everybody knows the famous story « Alice in Wonderland » written by Lewis Carroll. You surely watched the movie, the artwork cartoon or read the book. I’ve already read the book in french and I’ve just finished to read it in english.

Everybody knows the story : Alice is a little girl who falls asleep. Then, she sees a white rabbit, she decides to follow it, she falls in a hole and touches down in a Wonderland where there are many fantastic creatures and places.

Before to read it in english, I thought that I wont understand anything but in fact it’s very easy ! So I advice you to read it if you want to begin to read in english because it’s a very good story and it’s very easy to read.

4 thoughts on “Alice in Wonderland

  1. I’ve already seen the Disney’s cartoon and the film, and read an extract in English, and I like too the story!

  2. I will read it in english, if you say that it is easy ! My favorite character EVER is the Cheshire Cat ! The Tim Burton’s film makes me like it even more !

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