A.I. Artificial Intelligence by Steven Spielberg

I want to talk about A.I. Artificial Intelligence by Steven Speilberg. I saw this movie during the holiday on Paramount Chanel .

The scene takes place in a futuristic world, when global warming makes the ice melting. Humans made robots who answer to their needs. A couple whose his son (Martin) is sick, ask to have another son, the time that his son heals. So the technology gives their a robot son (named David). But Martin heals, and David becomes useless. So the mother abandons him in the forest. David would to become a real little boy for his mother accepts him. He will search the Blue Fairy (like in Pinocchio) to the end of the earth and discover why he exists.

It’s a very touching film, very beautiful and I sincerely recommed it ! You will cry at the end !

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  1. The emotion overwhelmed me from the beginning to the end. This film shows the love of a robot child for his mother. This is a wonderful film, images are perfect, sublime music and the mysterious atmosphere. I loved it.

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