The Leftovers

The Leftovers is an American novel published in 2013 by Tom Perrotta and which knows a TV adaptation in Canada on HBO.

The story begins in Mapleton, in october 14th, a little American town three years after the the « Rapture ». The « Rapturet » the disappearance of people on the earth, about two percent. And the title of this novel shows the interest for « the leftovers », those still present.

The novel are focused on the Garvey’s, who are spared by the « Rapture,  and follow their reaction about the « Ravissement ». All have a different reaction, the mother, Laurie, adheres to a sect « Guilty Survivors » who fight against the forget and who doing a vow of silence. Tom, the son, leave his college to rejoin a mystical sect for « save the world ». Jill , his sister, go astray from High School and sink alcohol and drugs. Kevin, the father, search a means to have a normal life, he become mayor and he must to manage the problems of « Rapture ».

All seek to understand and question on the reason of the ‘Rapture ». how survive with the guilt of being a survivor ? Why them and not me ? How continue to live ? The psychological novel show the human mechanism to fight against the unacceptable. we follow the characters with their personality and how they face up to these events.

The atmosphere of the novel is heavy and oppressive, the psychology of the characters are very realistic, even if this novel there aren’t much action, it’s a good psychological novel.

The TV adaptation are co-written by Tom Perrotta, the main character is Justin Theroux (The Father) and Amy Brenneman (the mother). The adaptation is a success, and loyal to the novel.

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