The Red Violin

The Red Violin is an italian-english-canadian drama film directed by François Girard. The story talks about a violinmaker called Nicolo Busotti who finished a violin in 1681. He intends to give this violin to his son who will be born. Unfortunately, his wife Anna dies with the baby during labour. Nicolo falls into a deep sadness and  decides  to varnish his violin with the blood of his dead wife. Thus, the soul of his wife will accompany the destiny of this instrument. During all the film, the violin travels through time from hand to hand to various musicians. Thereafter, in 1997, the violin will be to put up for auction in a company in Montréal. I find it’s a great film with an interesting story and good musical pièces.

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  1. It is really weird but I think this is a kind of novel which probably is very touching!

  2. I found that this movie forwards a beautiful symbolic (I don’t saw the film but when you describes it, it’s the feeling that I have)

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