The Walking Dead from comics to TV

Before becoming the well known TV serie staring with Andrew Lincoln, The Walking Dead was a comic books serie created by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore.

These comic books had been first published in 2003 and was at first initled Dead Planet ; it tells the story of a group lead by Rick Grimes, the main character, who tries to survive in an apocalyptic world invaded by zombies.

Warmly acclaim by the critics the comics had finally been adapted to screen into a TV serie directed by Franck Darabont

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  1. I already heard about this story of comic books and I find that it deserves to be better known!

  2. I began the serie, I must have seen 3 or 4 season of it and it can be interesting, the plot is good but too much horror which I think unnecessary. As always the original comic must be better!

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