Mr Nobody

It’s a drama movie, about a science fiction and chronicles of the life, written and directed by Jaco Van Dormael in 2009. The story of the movie is about Nemo Nobody, playing by Jared Leto, aged to 118 years old. He’s the last mortal human in a world where the immortality is possible for humans. Throughout the movie we discovered the differents life of Nemo. Moreover it’s a biographic movie of Jaco Van Darmael and he has received a prix for that.


With differents flashback, we discover his life but Nemo has confus remembrances. Also if he doesn’t like his life , he can changed her with a come back in the past. It’s the butterfly effect. This movie wants us to think about the importance of our choices and their consequences. « If you never make a choice, everything is possible »

I recommend this film for these actors and mainly for his psychological impact.

Anecdote about Jared Leto : This actor likes transformations, for Mr Nobody, he is turns into old person, also in Chapter 27 where he’s the murderer of John Lennon. He had to take 28kg for this role.

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