How I live now

How I Live Now is a 2013 film directed by Kevin Macdonald based on the novel of Meg Rosoff. Usually, Kevin Macdonald directs political movies as The Last King of Scotland.  This is not only a teenmovie but also a voyage and return story and a futuristic melodrama. Then, the director succeeds in mixing these genres.

Daisy is an american teenager who discovers the british countryside to see her cousins but it is during the World War III.
The atmosphere is very oppressive. She has difficulties to adapt herself and there is bomb attack. There are alone, without any adult. A soldier separate them : girls with girls, boys with boys - who help soldiers.
Whereas Daisy and Eddie - her cousin - fall in love, they cope to meet themselves...

These children live through World War and we see the loss of the unconsciousness and the innocence. Daisy has felt the sadness and the confusion, she is traumatized.

Even if there are moments of agonies of teenagers, bloody war scenes, natural hymn which is the source of regeneration and mortal threats, loving carefreeness, I am a bit disappointed because of the happy end.

Have you ever seen this movie?

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