« Confusion » by Cat Clarke.

After to be non-fiction author, the British Cat Clarke dedicates himself to literature for young adults. Her first novel, Confusion was published in 2012 and was a great success in England.

This novel presents a daughter called Grace, aged 17, who have a bestfriend, Sal and a boyfriend, Nat. She wakes up trapped in an all white room where is a table with paper and pens.

The same night she decided to commit suicide, but Grace meet for the first time Ethan. After a bottle of vodka as a last meal, she wakes up trapped in a mysterious white room with the young man for goaler. He brings her paper and pens to writing the meanders of her life.

Grace writte in the paper this sentence : “That’s when I’m alone that doubt intrudes, it’s like that for years. As long as I am surrounded, I can pretend that all is well. But I need the public to play comedy. Otherwise it does not. Only, I’m not so easily deceived”.

As the days pass, we understand the desperation that drove Grace to want to take her own life. She opens the veins since she was 15 years old, regularly drunk and sleeps with every boys she meets. His father who abandoned her missing it, and she is angry against her cold and distant mother. Grace confides in the papers her dreams, while his stay drags on.

Gradually, his questions are answered, and she is about to know the end of history of her story’s life.

Confusion, is a disturbing book, full of feelings, challengring because it’s the story of a girl who is struggling to “feel”. This novel is really inspires about the real life. To read it, we must have the heart hung and do not do like Grace.

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  1. I think this book is based on our emotinal feelings by putting us on oneself like Grace in this white room.

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