Escape from the city ?

Hey everybody !

Today I decided to speak about something else than a book. Yes it’s great to change sometimes!
First I wanted to tell you about another novel, but I read it a long time ago therefore I don’t really remember the details. That’s why I will read it again soon and the next article will be about it.

So I have chosen a song that I like to listen while I’m in the bus to go back home. This song is called “Escape from the city” and because I do not live in the city, it’s pretty appropriate for me ! It was composed by Jun Senoue and performed by Ted Poley and Tony Harnell.

(If you want to listen to it while reading, it’s under the text at the end !)

It was played in Sonic’s Adventure 2, but it’s not the main theme, just a stage music of the game.
We always say that Sonic has not the best games, but sure the best musics ! That’s pretty true because it’s a little chaotic when you play… However most of the music are freaking awesome.

If you don’t know Sonic the Hedgehog who is as famous as Mario it’s not a problem, but checks it out on Google 😉
In a nutshell he’s an anthropomorphic blue hedgehog who can run faster than the sound (which is a pretty useful and cool ability, isn’t it ?). He has to save his world from a crazy genius named Dr Eggman who wants to control it with giants and terrifying robots (huh not really freaky anyway…).

You know this song is really energetic and it refers really well to Sonic who “can’t stick around, have to keep moving on”.  Moreover I’m a bit like that too, I’d rather move fast (or not !) instead of staying seated in a bus… And yet it’s impossible, of course. So that’s quite opposed.

As a result I only have that kind of music to escape the daily routine, to feel better after a bad day (when you got bad marks for instance !) or to go in my “bubble” to not hear the crazy and childish guys in my bus.

Indeed this music takes me in another world and I feel free to do what I want because it’s entertaining. Unfortunately every great thing has a problem, here it has a very irritating default : it’s too short ! Even not 3 minutes though it’s not really significant.

Otherwise I think this music’s genre can be loved by –almost- everybody since it’s not too classical or not a metal song. To me it’s the perfect middle. And the way he is singing is not too slow or too fast. The music behind is pretty cool and we don’t have huge basses which mess it up.

So here you can listen to this song and tell me what you think about it, if it’s the kind of music you like to listen to or if you like more another genre 😉
->The original-one : the best !
-> Modern version

Comment what you think : it does no matter if you like or not, just share your opinion with us/me ! 🙂 See you soon !

2 réflexions au sujet de « Escape from the city ? »

  1. Always a very long article ! Nice job ! 🙂
    BUT(yes there is always a « but »..) you should have to write the lyrics, don’t you think ? Not necessary all but just a part !
    But it doesn’t matter ! > Escape from the city is a really fun music, you said that 3 minutes is too short, but almost all of the music last about 3 minutes! < or a little more yes..
    It's a really good idea to put 2 differents versions of the music !
    (I listened the two 🙂 )
    See you see you !

  2. Lyrics are written in the second video… Check it out !
    All Sonic’s musics are freaking amazing, funny or meaningful… But you already know that. 😉

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