Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll, 1865.

Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, or just « Alice in Wonderland », is a novel by Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson),

The story speaks about a little girl who fell in the big hole, because she aimed to follow a cut white rabbit with a watch ! Inside the hole, there was a beautiful fantasy world !

In this amazing world, completly , Alice met a lot of characters.

She made friends with the Chesire cat with his extraordinary smile, the white rabbit who was always late, the blue caterpillar who smoked, the twins Tweedeldee and Tweedeldum,  and the crazy Hatter with his friend the March Hare !

During her trip, Alice met the Reg Queen and her soldiers cards ! Because the Red Queen didn’t like Alice, she had to come back at her home. So she left the Wonderland.

It’s a great and magical novel with many engaging characters ! I love this story, because, I find that Alice refers to me. There are two movies adapation. One directed Disney, with some musics and enchantment. And one directed by Tim Burton, with some specials effects, and it’s so amazing !

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