Never without my daughter

Never without my daughter is an autobiographical novel by Betty Mahmoody.  Betty Mahmoody is an american writer who is known thanks to this novel where she tells us about eighteen months of calvary when she lived in Iran before to escape from it with her daughter.

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« My fight to return in the United States with my daughter »

« One day, while she suffers from migraines, Betty consults a doctor : Bozorg Mahmoody, of Iranian origin. Betty falls under the spell of this delicate and obliging man whom she marries and whose girl she has. After wedding a few years, the growing political tensions between Iran and the United States are going to weaken their personal and professional situation. The religious extremism, influenced, in particular, by friends and some members of his family who visit them » and… this is the beginning of her hell. Betty can’t do anything, between the threats of her husband, the domestic violence, she is trapped. Will she be able to escape of this hell ? With her daughter ?

I really liked this autobiographical novel because I just found it moving, fascinating, interesting.  I like so much having different points of view on different situations. (And I am fascinated by this kind of story, like Natascha Kampusch by Natascha Kampush or Sold by Betty Mahmoody…) Here, I learnt a lot of things about the Iran. And, it’s an autobiography and I think it is something which denounces someting, indeed : « this novel and the movie were judged by Iranians  and a part of the Muslims as racists, généralisants and offensive »

There is also a film that I’ve never watched, but my mum told me that I should, maybe one day because I’m a little bit scared about being disapointed ! (But, it’s true, I should to do my own opinion! I chose some shots of the film because I find them amazing)

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