10 things to do to switch to a green !


  1. Stop taking cars ! Use public transport, that’s better, and you will meet a lot of green people !
  2. Stop taking  showers of 1 hour, I’m sure you’re very own !
  3. Stop letting the water run when you brush your teeth or you wash your hands ! She’s going to be tired !
  4. Stop putting your waste anywhere, recycle ! Put them in bins full of color, it’s so much better!
  5. Stop throwing your waste in nature, if one day they create an army, I think we have no chance!
  6. Stop taking transport if you can ! Even better than the bus: take the bike! You will have beautiful legs this summer!
  7. Stop using your old bulbs! Buy low consumption bulbs! « And there was light »
  8. Stop saying « Well, next time I must remember to throw my old batteries » when you see a basket for batteries, and never do it ! Now, you HAVE to do it !
  9. Stop letting your fridge open too long, I know, you do not know what eat, but you have to decide quickly, or choose random, it’s like a surprise !
  10. Stop letting your charger plugged without your mobile plugged to the cable ! I know you are lazy and you don’t want unplug it every time, but made ??it for the world!

By : Lucile MERLO, Emma BACHÉ, Marianne GETENET and Jade ALGARRA.

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