The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

I’ve decided to talk about The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, a book of Robert Louis Stevenson and the cinematographic adaptation of Frederic March and particularly in the ape-like appearance.

(link of the movie extract : ).

The director of the film, Fredric March had decided to underline the dopplegänger of Dr Jekyll. In this movie Mr Hyde play at hyde and seek with Dr Jekyll, he had tried to be face-full with the mind representation of a monkey with a part of wereworf. The monkey can’t control his basic instincts like the bad part of a human. The monkey was perhaps choose by the director because it capture well the mind conception of a free slave body, who explode with wide movement at every single time which wake him up, and who his very expressive at the screen. Dr Jekyll is the scapegoat of Mr Hyde in this novella.

Last but not least The free slave body in Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus of Mary Shelley also catch my attention for the same reason.