Pleasantville (1998) is a fantastic american film and a dramatic comedy by Gary Ross.

The story is about David and Jeninfers who are twins and totally opposed. To escape to his stressing family of the 90’s, David loves to watching TV and more « Pleasantville », a TV serial in black and white dated of the 50’s. Contrary to him, his sister is one with the modern world. Still, a day, they « come in » « Pleasantville » so they integrate the story and upset the characters in this one.

I find very interesting the game with the black and white or colours pictures in this film. And it questions about the changement: may be we don’t see that we do daily something bad, but we continue because it normal for you ; or we don’t do some things because it says that we mustn’t do that. To change, we must be very brave and question you. To achieve a good world it’s necessary. Moreover it permit to build you too.

You can remark in the tittle the french word « ville » so I think it’s refered to (of course) the french word of town but too that in France you find many city that their name finish with « ville » (like Tocqueville, Valcanville,…). Moreover « pleasant », it’s  to represent that in the world of the TV serial, all is perfect. It’s an utopian world. And may be, like Aldous Huxley said, when you achieve an utopian world you want to leave it because all it’s so perfect that it become boring.

So just live!

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