Youn Sun Nah and her Jazz

Last year, for the D’Jazz festival, a gifted singer came to Nevers. My parents went to her concert and, when they returned at home, they were really charmed by « her voice and her presence ».

They convinced me to listen to her music and I immediatly fall in love with her songs. This corean singer, who sing in French but also in English, has a complicated career and decided to devote herself to music only around her thirtieth birthday. Her parents were also musicians and she learned to play piano at five years old – an incredible thing for most of us!

I looked at some videos and she emits something really special, a softness, a calm, a concentration and a happiness she manages to transmit to her public. There isn’t a lot of artists who show that sort of emotions. Most of the time, they are happy by another way, they are excited and they move on the scene all the time. Youn Sun Nah is nearly motionless during her concert.

This is possible to discover her music with the link under the article. The video present her version of « My favorite Things », a song wrote by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein for « The Sound of Music », a musical with Julie Andrews.



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  1. hello !
    I saw her in the Nice jazz festival, it was really great!
    her first song was « hurt », I loved it !

  2. I love this musician too! she really success to create her atmosphere and takes you in her world! it’s just beautiful!

  3. It’s amazing, and calm. I love it !
    D’Jazz Nevers is really great for musicians and there are still beautiful songs !

  4. I’ve been present at her concert, last year and I find Youn Sun Nah very touching. She knows controling her energy and she does what she wants of her voice.

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