Dead Poets Society

Dead Poets Society was released in 1989, it’s an american drama film directed by Peter Weir. This movie has become indispensable in cinema’s story.

It tell about a teenager Todd Anderson, he arrives in a private and prestigious school, at Welton academy. Over in there, he discovered a teacher of english literature, Mr.Keating (Robin Williams). This teacher is out of the academy’s laws, that they are very austere. Mr.Keating has original pratices. Thanks this teacher and these news friends, Tood Anderson discovered and participated at the Dead Poets Society. They restored life at this society, founded on free spirits, in opposition with their education. This discovery will to change their life for ever.

At the long of the movie, we see these teenagers become adults. The shy boy becomes independant and assured. Despite the tragical end, this movie shows us, that we can always be free and who we are.
The originaity of the director : Peter Weir have wanted to shoot the movie in chronological order for to show the evolution of friendship between these characters.

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  1. I like this film so much, I was so touched when I watched it. This film makes us wish to living, despite the end. On the contrary, the end pushes us to do what we want. So, Carpe Diem!

  2. Oh I just LOVE this film ! there are many philosophical things
    I would like to have a teacher like Mr. Keating !

  3. omg, it’s one of my favorite film ever ! I’ve a poster of it in front of my bed in my bedroom ! Robin Williams is so amazing and the story so touching !

  4. I never watch it too, but I heard so many good coments about it. It must be a great movie and I will watch it quickly!

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