My favorite book.


I want to talk about one of my favorite book : Complètement cramé ! It is written by Gilles Legardinier who is french writer. He was born in Paris on 1965 but he wasn’t a writer at first. At the begining he worked on American cinema as a pyrotechnist. Now he writes novel and manages communication for film studios and large scenarios. He wrote five books of whom two are international success: L’Exil des Anges and Demain j’arrête !. The first is a thriller and the second is a comedy.

Complètement cramé is the story of an English man: Andrew Blake. He is the boss of a compagny. This man leaves England to come in France and becomes a butler but he has never done that before so he tries to find his place in the house with Magnier the gardener, Odile the cook, Manon the young maid, Mme Beauvillier the hostess and Maestro the mysterious cat. A lot of adventure happen to Andrew during his stay but it’s very funny.

I really enjoy to read this book because it is easy to read and it is very funny. So if you want do a break and read something light and funny, this book would be the one.



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