Oliver Twist adaptations

Hello !

Do you know these differents adaptations about Dickens’ novel?

In 1922, a Frank Lloyd ‘s movie comes to the cinema, with Lon Chaney and Jackie Coogan . It’s a silent film, it was very faithful to the novel and realistic.

in 1948, an other film appears , directed by David Lean. It was a success but  Alec Guinness make up was considered as anti-semite so in the USA the film was allowed in 1951!

in 1968 an other film is inspired by a comedy; Oliver! Jack Wild is Artful Dodger and Fagin is Ron Moody, whose role is reversed, he saves young boys in London.

There was also a cartoon untitled The adventures of oliver twist in 1987 .

I found a film dating back 1982; I advise you to watch this video because it’s easy to understand !

And if you prefer old films, you can watch this version dating back 1933


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