The Great Gatsby (1974)

In literature in english we study The Great Gatsby so I would like to talk about an adpatation of this novel I saw (with Robert Redford !).

This movie was published in 1974 and realised by Jack Clayton. It is starring by Robert Redford (Jay Gatsby) and Mia Farrow (Daisy).

The scene takes place in the Roaring Twenties (the 20’s) in Long Island, and talk about a mysterious and extravagant man’s life. But who is this man ? What kind of man is he ? What does he want ?

Step by step, we will discover this man and his attentions.

I have really loved this movie and I have seen the other with Leonardo Dicaprio too (2013) and I think that both adaptations are really good but I maybe prefer the most recent because I really love the soundtrack and the atmosphere !

And you ? Which one have you seen and which one do you prefere ?

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